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Preparing for an interview

Tell me a little about yourself? I graduated from language school in 1997 and started working immediately for a local company handling pharmaceutical machinery production as a translator/interpreter. I covered various roles there from sales assistant to archive manager, database manager, receptionist, and secretary. After having a baby I started to work as a freelanceContinua a leggere “Preparing for an interview”

What goes on a Resumé

My assignment for this article is listing what goes in a resumé: Anagraphic details such as name and contacts A brief and to the point bio, relevant to the position I am applying for Education: Not only a list of attended schools and courses but a summary of what I learned there Work experience –Continua a leggere “What goes on a Resumé”

My fictional cover letter

Technical Support Agent: Tier 1 The goal of our team is to build relationships based on trust which resultsin happy, passionate, loyal customers. We do this by listening to their needs and guiding them to the fullest use of the products we offer. We are looking for people with the right mix of compassion, writing skills, and technical knowledgeContinua a leggere “My fictional cover letter”

How to resolve the dreaded White Screen of Death (WSOD) in WordPress

What is the White Screen of Death? It’s a condition affecting a WordPress website, generally caused by conflict among plugins and themes. It’s very scary, for it causes the site to render a totally white page in the front-end. Often it’s referred to as WSOD. How to fix it? There are many ways to troubleshootContinua a leggere “How to resolve the dreaded White Screen of Death (WSOD) in WordPress”

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